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This instrument belongs to the latest generation of LOIP products. During its development we were trying to involve both the most contemporary technologies and nowadays requests of our customers.

Automated analyzer LOIP LP-6371A is designed for the determination of cold filter plugging point of diesel and heating fuels according to ASTM D 6371, EN 116 and similar standards.

Features and benefits:

  • Fully automated microprocessor controller for precise determination of cold filter plugging point
  • Optical measuring system of sample filtering time
  • Pt-100 thermo probe in glass casing for precise response emulation of ASTM thermometer
  • Build-in cooling system. The hot side of the cooling cells needs to be cooled by external chiller
  • Build-in programmable vacuum pump
  • Large graphic LCD touch screen display to control the instrument
  • Build-in memory to store the measurement results
  • Direct setting of the bath temperature to fast start of the plugging point determination
  • Cooling system overheat warning to detect external chiller malfunctioning
  • Programmable filter cleaning
  • Connection to PC via Ethernet port


Specimen volume 45 ml
Measuring range ambient to -60 °C
Temperature control by step (-34 °C, -51 °C and -67 °C) or linear. The linear cooling rate can be programmed
External chiller temperature +15 °C (for -34 °C bath temperature), -15 °C (for -51 °C bath temperature), -40 °C (for -67 °C bath temperature)
Build-in memory up to 1000 data sets
Display graphic LCD touch screen
Mains supply 200-240 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 400 W
Dimensions 440 x 305 x 400 mm (W x D x H)
Weight 15 kg

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