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  • Distillation apparatus LOIP LP-086 is intended for the atmospheric distillation of both light and dark petroleum products according to ASTM D 86, ISO 3405-2007 and similar standards.
  • The distillation unit, mounted to the left, comprises a flask support mechanism, heater elements, and the heater controller. The flask is supported by a Ceran® ceramic-glass support board installed on a height-adjustable platform.
  • The low-voltage heating element is built into the insulation of the platform and is powered by stepless regulator with calibrated control knob. A glass observation window is fitted in the front of the distillation unit.
  • The condenser unit includes thermally-insulated cooling bath with permanently installed condenser tube, a cover, a drain tap and an overflow outlet. The coolant fittings are mounted on the rear of the unit.

Features and benefits:

  • Alignment device for thermosensor or ASTM thermometer is made in accordance with ISO 3405-2007
  • The instrument may be used with either a static fill of coolant or an external circulating cryostat or thermostat.
  • Thermally-insulated cooling bath is made of stainless steel
  • Condenser tube is made of corrosion-resisting grade of brass
  • Illumination of the receiving graduated cylinder makes observation very comfortable.
  • A drain tap is useful when change of coolant is necessary.
  • Rugged case made of from epoxy coated steel.
  • Patented low-voltage heating system provides electrical safety of operation.
  • Collet clamp for the sidearm of the distillation flask eliminates evaporation losses.


Distillation range ambient to 400°C
Condenser volume 8 l
Heater power 700 W
Total power consumption 800 W
Mains supply 200…250 V, 50 Hz
Overall dimensions 450х450х535 mm
Weight 20 kg

Included Accessories:

Distilling flask, Engler type, 125 ml 2
Graduated Cylinder, 100 ml 1
Graduated Cylinder, 10 ml 1
Alignment device 1
Support for receiving cylinder 1
Cleaning rod for condenser tube 1
Swamp weight for receiving cylinder 1
Spare heating element 1

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