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Automated distillation analyzer LOIP LP-086A

Distillation analyzer LOIP LP-086A is designed for atmospheric distillation of petroleum products (group 0, 1, 2, 3, 4) according to ASTM D 86, ISO EN 3405-2007, ATM D 850, ASTM D 1078, Din 51751, IP 123, IP 191, IP 195 and similar standards. This State-of-the-Art unit allows operating without preliminary trials and manual adjustment. LOIP LP-86A automatically sets the optimal distillation conditions for any sample through the unique heating optimizer technology.

  • Distillation apparatus LOIP LP-086 is intended for the atmospheric distillation of both light and dark petroleum products according to ASTM D 86, ISO 3405-2007 and similar standards.
  • distillation rate;
  • vapor pressure;
  • end boiling point (EBP).

Features and benefits:

  • Fully automated control of testing process
  • Installed standard methods
  • Built-in programs editor
  • Alignment device for thermo-sensors in accordance with ISO 3405 and special clamp for easy placing of distillation flask
  • Programmable temperature of a condenser system and a receiving chamber
  • Large graphic LCD touch-screen display
  • User friendly interface
  • Possibility to fast change of baths temperature in experiment process
  • Receiving chamber and condenser tube are made of stainless steel
  • Glass-shelled Pt-100 temperature probe
  • Built-in barometric pressure sensor
  • Collet clamp for the distillation flask eliminates evaporation losses
  • Self-positioning heater lift
  • Optical measuring system for precise determination of condensate volume.
  • Fire extinguishing system (Option)
  • Low-voltage heating system
  • Connection to a PC via LAN-port (Ethernet)
  • Free PC software


Distillation temperature range, °С

up to 400

Cooling bath temperature range, °С

0 … 60

Receiving chamber temperature range, °С

0 … ambient

Distillation rate range, ml/min

2 … 10

Distillation rate accuracy, ml/min


Distillation temperature accuracy, °С


Condensate volume accuracy, ml


Heater power, W


Heater voltage, V


Mains supply, V/Hz


Power consumption, W


Dimensions, mm

445x 585 x 620

Weight, kg


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