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LOIP LF-120/300-VS1

Precise universal drying oven LOIP LF-120/300-VS1 is designed for heating, drying or thermal processing of various materials in the air flow at +300°С max.

Features and benefits:

  • Oven is equipped with a digital temperature controller LOIP TR-1
  • Comfort back-lit graphic LED display for representation of all the necessary parameters
  • 4-sided heating guarantees excellent temperature distribution and provides fast and uniform heating up of the sample to the demanded temperature (level)
  • Gravity-type air convection
  • Casing manufactured from high grade structured stainless steel covered with thermo-resistant epoxy powder
  • Silicone door gasket, resistant to high operating temperatures
  • Convenient rotary handle with the lock provides firm adherence of the door to the heating chamber case
  • Case is well insulated from the inner chamber and guarantee your safety during the operating even at high temperature (you may touch the case without burning)
  • Microprocessor PID thermo-regulator assures precise temperature control with the tolerance not more than ±1°С
  • Pt-100 thermo-sensor instead of traditional thermocouple allows reaching high precision temperature stability
  • When predetermined time is over built in timer automatically stops the heating up and gives acoustical alarm
  • In case of malfunction (e.g. due to overheat) auto-testing system stops heating and gives visual and acoustical alarm
  • Shelf amount: 2-as basis, up to 7-optional


Tmax, °C +300
Temperature stability, °C ± 1
Heating time, min 60
Filling volume,l 120
Inner dimensions, WxHxD , mm 500x470x435
Outer dimensions, WxHxD,mm 780x680x755
Mains supply 200…220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 2200 VA
Weight, kg 59.2

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