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Solid block bath apparatus LOIP LP-381 is intended to carry out up to five simultaneous tests for determining existent gum content in gasoline fuels by the Jet Evaporation method according to ASTM D381, ISO 6246 and related specifications.

The apparatus comprises a solid aluminum block bath with integral heater, removable taper-fit conical air jet adaptor with copper screens, and an air flow control valve and gauge. The block has five test wells, and a thermometer socket. The temperature of the block is controlled by microprocessor thermo-regulator. Specially designed control algorithm ensures unparalleled temperature stability without overheating or fall, even though the test beakers with cold samples have been just installed. Two LED displays provide actual and setpoint temperature values in °C. Besides, an integrated countdown timer represents remaining time and gives the acoustical signal when experiment is finished. The flow of air is adjusted by an inlet control valve and monitored on a calibrated pressure gauge.

Features and benefits:

  • Two big LED for temperature and time indication, together with convenient splash-proof control panel provide very simple handling the instrument.
  • Five-place design is optimally meets practical analytical requirements (2x2 parallel samples + 1 blank).
  • Acoustical and visual warning when the apparatus is heated up and ready for operation time set on the timer for evaporation is expired
  • Continuous air flow monitoring by means of pressure gauge


Temperature range, °С from ambient to 250
Temperature control stability, °С ±0,3
Time of achieving the operation temperature 162°С, not more, min. 40
Air flow consumption, l/min 180±27
Power, W 2000
Mains supply 200…250 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions, mm 500х350х250
Weight, kg 20

Included Accessories:

Apparatus LOIP LP-381 is offered in two options of supply:

1. Without additional devices
2. Together with compact diaphragm compressor, 5 100ml beakers, air inlet hose (2 m), air fitting, 2 hose clamps

The offered compressor features very low noise level, high reliability, and, when working with LOIP LP-381, ensures necessary air flow value.

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