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LOIP LP-092A -fully-automatic tester for flash point determination in an open cup, according to Cleveland method.

The automated Cleveland flash point tester accurately determines flash point temperature of petroleum products in a full accordance to ASTM D92 A&B, ISO 2592, IP 36, GOST 4333 and other similar standards.

How do they work:

  • Selecting one of the predetermined test programs
  • Mounting the flash cup filled with a sample into the heating chamber
  • Pressing key "Start" to begin the experiment
  • During the test, an instrument automatically heats up a sample with a required rate and moves the flame over the cup according to the program sets. The specimen temperature is showed on a display
  • The flash moment is fixed by detector and showed on a display together with a flash point temperature.
  • The system also shows heating rate, actual temperature, current status and all the necessary data during the experiment.

Features and benefits:

  • Large graphic LCD-display (240x128 pixels) with a back-lit
  • Burner automatically transfers over the cup as standard prescribes
  • Hard-wearing gas valves provide easy flame adjustment and allow portable gas cylinder connection
  • Glass-shelled PT-100 thermo-sensor for precise response emulation of ASTM thermometer
  • Up to 1000 test results can be saved in an internal memory
  • Plug-and-play connection to a PC via USB-port
  • Solenoid valve automatically cuts gas line when the instrument is off


Temperature Range + 79°C to 370°C
Heating Rate programmable, 0.5 to 20 K/min
Power consumption
700 W
Dimensions & Weight 400 x 380 x 470 mm (W x D x H); 14 kg
Ignition gas (portable gas cylinder connection is possible)
Flash/ignition sensor ionization type

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