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This instrument belongs to the latest generation of LOIP products. During its development we were trying to involve both the most contemporary technologies and nowadays requests of our customers.

As a result, in the analyzer LOIP LP-093A, we proudly represent several new approaches and innovations in automation of flash point control. However, the apparatus features not only state- of-the-art design and high level of automation, it is also very cost-effective and economical in maintenance. The automated Pensky-Martens flash point tester LOIP LP-093A accurately determines flash point temperature of petroleum products in a full accordance to ASTM D93 A&B, ISO 2719, IP 34, GOST 6356 and other similar standards.

How do they work:

Flash point tests are simply conducted by mounting the cup filled with sample into the heating chamber and selecting a pre- or user-programmed test method. After the test start the instrument automatically heats up the sample with a required rate, and moves the igniter down into the cup according to the program sets. When performing a test, the system will display the stirring speed, actual temperature and current test status. When the system detects a flash, the instrument stops heating, shows the flash point temperature on a display and starts quick cool-down the heating chamber to prepare to the next assay. The controller manages all the instrument's functions and settings, but since units leave the factory completely calibrated and pre-configured, there is no need to adjust anything as long as one of standard preset methods is employed (ASTM D93, variants A and B or flash point quick search).

Features and benefits:

  • Fully automated microprocessor controller for precise determination of flash point
  • Large graphic LCD-display (240x128 pixels) with a back-lit to indicate all the necessary data at a glance
  • Electro-ignition device and an electronic flash detector
  • Functions for temperature and pressure sensor calibration
  • Glass-shelled Pt-100 thermo-sensor for precise response emulation of ASTM thermometer
  • Plug-and-play connection to a PC via USB-port. Detailed test report can be transmitted to a PC via USB-connection
  • Quick cool-down after a test due to enforced venting of a heating chamber by means of built-in powerful fan
  • Last 15 results are saved in memory
  • Magnetic coupling of stirring gear eliminates any possibility of wear at this traditionally quick-tearing device


  • Automatic algorithm with simultaneous controlled operation of both a heater and a fan provides very precise support of preset heating rate (tolerance not more than ±0.3 K/min)
  • Automatic to barometric pressure 101.3 kPa, upon program settings (may be disabled). Built in barometric pressure sensor 70 to 110 kPa
  • Automatic heater shut down, audible signal and test abortion for safety
    • at 30°C above the expected flash point
    • at 370°C
  • Automatic diagnostic of all analyzer functions. In case of malfunction auto-testing system gives visual and acoustical alarm and displays the causes

Measuring Programs:

Up to 20 different testing programs can be saved in permanent memory
  1. 2 standard test method (ASTM D 93 methods A and B)
  2. accelerated test
  3. quick search program
  4. up to 16 user customized test protocols


Temperature Range ambient + 10°C to 370°C
Heating Rate programmable, 0.5 to 20 K/min
Ignition interchangeable, gas with electric reference lighter or electric only, programmable test interval 0.5 to 20 K
Stirring Rate motorized stirrer, programmable spin rate 30 to 240 rpm
Display graphic LCD-display 240x128 pixels
Mains supply 200-250 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 700 W
Dimensions & Weight 360 x 370 x 350 mm (W x D x H); 8 kg

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