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LOIP LP-093S - in a closed cup, according to Pensky-Martens method (ASTM D 93, ISO 2719, IP 34, GOST 6356)

These instruments are economical alternative to fully-automatic testers on the one hand, and, on the other hand, they are much more convenient and functional comparing to manual apparatuses. Both of them are equipped with a microprocessor controller, a motorized burner transfer device, a Pt-100 thermo-sensor and provide all the automation of flash point tests, except flash detection.

How do they work:

  • Mounting the flash cup filled with a sample onto the heater
  • Selecting one of the predetermined test programs
  • Firing the flame of the test burner
  • Pressing key "Start" to begin the experiment
  • During the test, an instrument automatically heats up a sample with a required rate and moves the flame over the cup (or down into the cup, when working with LOIP LP-093S Pensky-Martens analyzer) according to the program sets. Every time before burner moving, the instrument gives a beep to attract an operator's attention. The specimen temperature is continuously measured with Pt-100 probe and showed on a display
  • The flash moment is determined visually; as this takes place, operator presses the key "Stop". Once the key "Stop" is pressed the heating is finished and the flash temperature is showed on display

Features and benefits:

  • Large 4-rows display to indicate all the necessary data at a glance
  • Hard-wearing gas valves provide easy flame adjustment and allow portable gas cylinder connection
  • Glass-shelled Pt-100 thermo-sensor emulates response of ASTM glass thermometer
  • Required heating rate can by easily set and precisely supported by microprocessor controlled heating system
  • Up to 20 different testing programs can be saved in permanent memory
  • The instrument comes with several preset programs, including the mode for quick approximate flash point determination


  • Heating with required rate (2 segments with different ramps are possible)
  • Burner transfer as a standard prescribes

Measuring Programs:

Up to 20 different testing programs can be saved in permanent memory
  1. 2 standard test method (ASTM D 93 methods A and B)
  2. accelerated test
  3. quick search program
  4. up to 16 user customized test protocols


Temperature Range ambient + 10°C to 400°C
Heating Rate programmable, 0.5 to 20 K/min
Ignition gas (portable gas cylinder connection is possible), programmable test interval 0.5 to 20 K
Stirring Rate motorized stirrer, programmable spin rate 30 to 240 rpm
Display 4-row LCD
Cooling quick cool-down after a test by means of built-in powerful fan
Power consumption 600 W
Dimensions & Weight 350 x 250 x 380 mm (W x D x H); 7 kg

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