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Flask heater (heating mantle) LH-110 is designed to heat 1000 ml round-bottom flasks at the temperatures up to 400°C.

Features and benefits:

Heating chamber is made of thermo-resistant mica with two separated (upper and lower) high-melting heating elements pressed-in. Working surface is covered with glass fiber fabric and precisely fits the corresponding round-bottom flask. The heating chamber is placed in the insulated inner housing, which is, in turn, perfectly insulated from the outer case. Such a design ensures minimum energy losses and high safety for the user.

  • Electronic PI - controller continuously regulates temperature from ambient to 400°C
  • Feedback coupling by means of thermo-sensor incorporated into the heating chamber allows keeping certain temperature extremely stable.
  • The upper and the lower parts of the heating element can be switched on simultaneously or separately.


Flask capacity, ml 1000
Dimensions, mm 310х350х130
Power, W 625
Weight, kg 4.0

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