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Thermostats of the family LOIP LT provide precise temperature control both in internal baths and in external systems, such as lab reactors, measuring cells of refractometers, viscometers, electrochemical analyzers, etc. Immersion thermostats-circulators can be easily attached to a bath tank with a wall thickness up to 22 mm or mounted onto a bridge panel which is to be installed on a bath. Immersion thermostats-circulators (or simply "control heads") are represented by four models with different features to cover basic through to sophisticated needs. Any of the four LOIP LT control heads can be combined with any of LOIP tanks to provide a wide choice of heating bath circulators. All the models have microprocessor thermoregulator with the intelligent adaptable control system LOIP-ATC that automatically adjusts PID-control parameters according to the fluid properties and eliminates influence of mains oscillations and ambient temperature instability.


Temperature range
without external cooling (Тambient+10)…+100°С
with tap water cooling (Тwater+5)…+100°С
Temperature stability ±0,03°С
Absolute temperature accuracy ±0,2°С
Display resolution 0,1°С
Circulating pump Pressure
flow rate, max 7,5 l/min
pressure, max 170 mbar
Display 220-250 В, 50 Hz
Heater power 2000 W
Immersion depth 145 mm
Control per external Pt-100 sensor No
Cooling coil option
Adjustable high temperature cut-off No
Non-aqueous fluid heating algorithm No
Programmer No
RS232 interface No
Dimensions 115x190x305 mm
Mains supply 220-250 В, 50 Hz
Weight 3.3

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