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LOIP LT-200 is an immersion thermostat-circulator for wide temperature range - up to + 200°C. Unlike LT100 series, this model can work with both water and non-aqueous fluids (silicon and other oils, glycol mixtures, etc.). The bath circulators are consisted of the control head LOIP LT-200 and a stainless steel baths with a gabled or flat lid..

Features and benefits:

Thermostats LOIP LT-200 include all the features of LT-100 and have in addition the following differences:
  • Heating element with an enlarged surface area and special heat dozing algorithm ensures safe heating of flammable fluids
  • Three-point calibration of temperature readings for high precision throughout the whole operation range
  • Possibility of control via an external Pt-100 sensor
  • Built-in cooling coil, when connected to tap water, permits operation at ambient or below ambient temperatures
  • Bidirectional RS232 interface for a PC connection, program set-up, data-logging and real-time graphing (option)
  • Adjustable high temperature protection via unrelated cut-out circuit (option)


Temperature range
without external cooling (Тambient+10)…+200°С
with tap water cooling (Тwater+5)…+200°С
Temperature stability ±0,03°С
Absolute temperature accuracy ±0,2°С
Display resolution 0,1°С
Circulating pump Pressure
flow rate, max 7,5 l/min
pressure, max 170 mbar
Display 4-digit LED
Heater power 2000 W
Immersion depth 145 mm
Control per external Pt-100 sensor Yes
Cooling coil Yes
Adjustable high temperature cut-off option
Non-aqueous fluid heating algorithm Yes
Programmer No
RS232 interface option
Dimensions 115 x190 x305 mm
Mains supply 220-250 В, 50 Hz
Weight 3.5

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