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Thermostatic baths of the family LOIP LB-200 are successfully used for a very wide range of applications whenever precise temperature control is required. They are designed for an internal use with water. The instruments comprise the immersion control head LB-200 and a rugged stainless steel baths tank with a lift-up lid.

Features and benefits:

  • Microprocessor PID-controller enables precise temperature control with the tolerance ±0.05°С
  • A high performance motorized stirrer ensures temperature uniformity throughout the baths.
  • Easy readable red LED display shows current and set temperature with the resolution 0.1°С
  • Splash-proof control panel
  • In case of malfunction (e.g. due to low fluid level) auto-testing system stops the instrument, gives visual and acoustical alarm and displays the causes
  • Built-in cooling coil, when connected to tap water, permits operation at ambient or below ambient temperatures
  • Simple user calibration facility for optimum accuracy at the required operating temperature
  • Interior tanks are made of deep-drawn stainless steel
  • The baths' housings are produced from epoxy coated steel and reliably insulated from the internal tank.


Temperature range:
without external cooling (Tambient +10)…100°C
with tap water cooling (Twater +5)…100°C
Absolute temperature accuracy ±0.2°C
Temperature stability ±0.05°C
Display resolution 0.1°C
Mains supply 200-250 V, 50 Hz
Total power consumption 2200 W
Filling volume, l 24
Bath opening/bath depth, mm 360x290 / 200
Dimensions, mm(W x D x H) 520 x 320 x 400
Weight, kg 15,7

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